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Specialized in education, catering & Maintenance

Catering Service

FALE Catering is committed to providing delicious food from all over Africa. We …….

Education & Coaching

Fale multicultural education is aiming to increase multicultural dialogue and cultu…….

Cleaning Service

Fale Cleaning service is a household name in Helsinki. We provide services ……

FALE: goals & objectives

Develop multiculturally Finland
– Strengthen intercultural dialogue in the workplace
– To enhance social skills development how our words affect people
– Increase the participation of the third country nationals in Finnish society
– Foster the two-way integration process between the Finnish majority and the third country nationals
 –Examine people’s attitudes toward and expectations of people with different  backgrounds

About the CEO

Mrs. Fatima Usman

A Cultural Educator with over 20 years of multiculturalism and organizational leadership, management of different restaurants, and maintenance projects. Motivational speaker on small businesses.