The Kitchen

FALE CATERING is quality African food. We provide professional catering services to individuals and organizations for events such as weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, since 2018 and are among the top African caterers in Helsinki.

We cater to events within and outside Helsinki. We have a collection of dishes, plates, glass, and cutleries which we provide at reasonable prices. For your easy booking, see the buffet menu and simply request a quote.

Buffet Menu


Spring roll
Mini sausages
Spicy assorted meat
Seasoned gizzard
Mini pies
Puff puff
Chin chin


Cauliflower soup
Sweet potato soup
Carrot soup
Peanut butter soup
Cocoyam soup
Tomato soup
Pumpkin soup

Main Course

Jollof rice
Fried rice
Rice noodles
Plain boiled rice
Yam pottage
Beans pottage
Beans sauce
Tomato red sauce chicken sauce
Lentil sauce
Soy with chickpeas
Kidney beans
Chili sauce
Pounded yam with Egusi
Beef  meat stew
Mackerel Fish  Stew
Palm-nut sauce  with  assorted meat
Cocoyam sauce with assorted meat
Ogbono sauce and okra with assorted meat
Peanut  sauce With Chicken
Spinach Stew with assorted meat
Okra  sauce with  assorted  meat


Coconut Buns
Apple pie
Pineapple-mango cake
Banana cake
Plantain cake
Chocolate-coconut cake
Blueberry-passion cake
Fruit mango cake
Coconut pudding 

Catering Classes


Schedule a private one-on-one tailored class to your needs, private classes for 1 person is two hours. Want to invite a few friends? 


Group cooking classes for groups up to 10-15, Want us to host your group Cooking Party?  Book today for available dates!  Great idea for Couple’s Date Night or Team Building

Mama Africa is available for Cooking Talks & Demonstrations for  Groups, Schools, Organizations.  Talks & demonstrations is for 2 hours and includes recipe 


Our tested and locally made products for various oriental and Asian food & healthy cooking at home

Below are listed products that can be bought directly from our kitchen in Helsinki ……

Mama's Chili

African Gifts

Special Ointments

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