Fale multicultural education is aiming to increase multicultural dialogue and cultural understanding via a range of activities around Finland. The aim to foster the involvement of third-country nationals in Finland and to promote two-way integration in diversity and challenges.

Intercultural dialogue has an important role to play in this regard. It allows us to prevent ethnic, religious, and cultural divides.

It enables us to move forward together, to deal with our different identities constructively and democratically on the basis of shared values

The process

Within  Fale, multicultural workshops are organized for different target groups. The target groups include workplace, Finnish social workers, Finnish daycare workers and third-country nationals who are about to enter the working life in Finland.

The trainers of the workshops are immigrants living in Finland who are professionals in various fields and possess experience in giving workshops.


– Professionals in differ youth field

– Professionals in the field of social services

–  Professionals in the field of daycare

– Workshop teachers

– Finnish people

– Migrant organizations that cooperate with Fale

In addition

Fale promotes the development of multicultural public exhibitions and seminars which focus on topics such as multiculturalism, integration, and racism.

The exhibitions, as well as the seminars, aim to increase the dialogue among native Finns and the representatives of different cultures residing in Finland and to strengthen cooperation between different sectors of the society.



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